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Buying The Cheapest Fallout 76 Caps at MMOSKY

Choose your server
How To Buy & Trade:
1.For PS4 or Xbox user, please fill your PS Gamer Tag or Xbox Gamer Tag instead of Character Name,besides,

2.For PC User ,the Char Name or User ID is required if you are a PC player.User ID starts with @, it's not your character name. E.g: @marin0124

3.Please confirm your server carefully before buying.XBOX, PS4 and PC are completely different servers.

4. We will add you as a friend in the game, please accept the friend request. After adding a friend, please wait in the place, we will enter your world and move quickly to your side.
5. We will initiate a trade request with you. Accept the request, (If you buy a bottle cap, then please sell an item for the amount your purchase. If you buy the item, we will price the item you purchased as 0 cap, you can complete the trade by clicking on the purchase. )
Note: The single item limit is 5000 caps. If you buy 7000, you need to sell one item for 5000 and another item for 2000! If you have not recive friend request over 30 mins then contact our livechat please!

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