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Black Dye*5  (Pre-Searing)
Black Dye*10 (Pre-Searing)
Black Dye*50 (Pre-Searing)
Black Dye*100 (Pre-Searing)
Charr Bag
Charr Salvage Kit
White Dye*5(Pre-Searing)
White Dye*10(Pre-Searing)
White Dye*50(Pre-Searing)
White Dye*100(Pre-Searing)
7th birthday(Pre-Searing)
Prince Rurik(Pre-Searing)
Zhu Hanuku(Pre-Searing)
Eye Of Janthir(Pre-Searing)
Dagnar Stonepate(Pre-Searing)
White Rabbit(Pre-Searing)
Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh (Pre-Searing)

Water Djinn(Pre-Searing)
Flame Djinn(Pre-Searing)
King Adelbern(Pre-Searing)
Mad King Thorn(Pre-Searing)
Naga Raincaller(Pre-Searing)
Bone Dragon(Pre-Searing)
Destroyer of Flesh(Pre-Searing)
Everlasting Miku Tonic
Everlasting Prince Ruril Tonic
Everlasting Keiran Thackeray Tonic
Everlasting Slightly Mad King Tonic
Everlasting Destroyer Tonic
Everlasting Kuunavang Tonic(Pre-Searing)
Everlasting Slightly Mad King Tonic(Pre-Searing)

Everlasting Shiro Tonic(Pre-Searing)
Everlasting Gwen Tonic(Pre-Searing)

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We will deliver it with in 15-30 minutes. If you are in a hurry to get the goods, you can check the stock before placed the order in our Livechat.
Meeting point in Guild Wars:
There are different meeting points in the game, depending on the Guild Wars version you use.
Guild Wars (Standard):
Ascalon City  (pre-Searing), American District 1 at the Sanura[Merchant].

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