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Bone Dragon
Celestial Snake
Black Moa Chick
Brown Rabbit
Miniature Oni
Miniature Ghostly Priest
Miniature Zhed Shadowhoof
Miniature Vizu
Guild Lord
Miniature Dhuum
Rift Warden
Destroyer of Flesh
Miniature Ghostly Hero
Polar Bear
Gwen Doll
Naga Raincaller
Shiro'ken Assassin
Varesh Ossa
Gray Giant
High Priest Zhang
Celestial Dragon
Celestial Rat
Celestial Horse
Celestial Rabbit
Celestial Ox
Celestial Sheep
Smite Crawler
World-Famous Racing Beetle
Princess Salma
Ecclesiate Xun Rao
Celestial Monkey
Zhu Hanuku
King Adelbern
Dagnar Stonepate
Flame Djinn
Mad King Thorn
Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh
White Rabbit
Water Djinn
Eye of Janthir
Prince Rurik
Buy Guild Wars Miniatures Pet
You will receive the ordered amount of GW Mini Pet for your character in Guild Wars.
Delivery time:
If we have your order in stock, we will deliver it with in 15-30 minutes. If you are in a hurry to get the goods, you can check the stock before placed the order in our Livechat.
Meeting point in Guild Wars:
There are different meeting points in the game, depending on the Guild Wars version you use.
Guild Wars (Standard):
Ascalon City, American District 1 at the Xunlai Chest.
Guild Wars Factions:
Shong Jea Monastery, American District 1 at the Xunlai Chest.
Guild Wars Nightfall:
Kamadan, Jewel of Istan, American District 1 at the Xunlai Chest.
Guild Wars PVP-Only Character:
Great Temple of Balthazar, American District 1 at the Xunlai Chest.
Product Descriptions:
Miniatures are small replicas of different creatures and other NPCs found in Guild Wars. They are often referred to as miniature pets, minipets (by "Devotion"), or minis for short. They are not capable of attacking or interacting with other game elements in any way. They are mainly for show and are mostly used by ArenaNet as a means of rewarding a player's achievements or dedication to the game..

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Paul :
All good, thank you very much!
Thomas :
Delivery took like 5 minutes at most.No hassle. Very pleased and I will come back in the futer
nabela :
Was very quick and didn’t have any problems in game. highly recommend
Nikos :
Fast and perfect service as always。will back again.
Ivan :
very smooth and fast delivery.Keep up the awesome work. ty