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200 GW2 Gold + Extra 10%
300 GW2 Gold + Extra 10%
400 GW2 Gold + Extra 10%
500 GW2 Gold + Extra 10%
800 GW2 Gold + Extra 10%
1000 GW2 Gold + Extra 10%
2000 GW2 Gold + Extra 10%
3000 GW2 Gold + Extra 10%
4000 GW2 Gold + Extra 10%
5000 GW2 Gold + Extra 10%
6000 GW2 Gold + Extra 10%
7000 GW2 Gold + Extra 10%
8000 GW2 Gold + Extra 10%
10000 GW2 Gold + Extra 10%

GW2 Gold Delivery Methods

1. Mail Item(s) and the Rest Gold to You: We buy item(s) that you need and mail the item(s) and the rest of the GW2 gold to you. Please leave item(s) name(s) in the message box when you place your order or contact us via Live Chat before or after you have placed your order. After we have sent the GW2 item(s) and GW2 gold, we will inform you via Email and SMS to ensure that you can use them as fast as possible.

2. Mail Maximum 500 Gold Plus Item(s): We mail you the gold directly in game via the mailbox. The maximum amount of GW2 gold that an individual player account can accept within a week is 500 gold. So if you need more than 500 GW2 gold, please find item(s) that you can resell or use on AH.


1. If you choose Mail you the Maximum 500 GW2 Gold plus Item(s), we are not responsible if the gold is removed by ArenaNet.

2. As the price of the item(s) on AH is changing all the time, if you want to resell item(s) for GW2 gold please make sure that the price of the item(s) you choose is relatively steady. You will receive more or less gold when you resell the item(s) on AH. We are not responsible if you receive less gold from the item(s).

Customer Reviews

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Gregory :
Thank you for the quick delivery! You are doing a great job!
Pineapple :
Service was good you just need to let the client know or remind them that it could take up to 24 hours other then that the service was good, I will use you service agene
wonka :
Very quick delivery good shop
Kris Tw :
Fast and affordable every time.
The Minion Meister :
brought from these guys a few times - fast, professional never had a problem