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  • Who's Ready For Guild Wars 2's Path Of Fire Expansion?(Reprinted)09/22/2017

    Guild Wars 2's second expansion, Path of Fire, launches this Friday, taking players to the Crystal Desert and the Kingdom of Elona to track down a rogue god. Along the way, giant rabbits will be mounted. Who’s excited?

  • How can get the Guild Wars legendary weapons?10/07/2016

    If you’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 for a while, you must heard from some players about Legendary Weapons.So what is a Legendary Weapons and how to get one?


    If you play Guild Wars 2, I bet you have a huge stack of pink revive orbs in your bank just like my stack, slowly collecting dust because they’re too annoying to use. That’s about to change, however, as ArenaNet Monetization & Platform Strategist Sarah Witter has told players on the forums today.

  • Guild Wars 2’s World vs World mode will change09/24/2016

    Guild Wars 2’s World vs World mode is about to get more interesting — and more beneficial — for its participants. The team is kicking off the first phase of its new skirmish system, in which players will be rewarded more often during the long war campaigns.

  • Guild Wars 2 WvW poll05/05/2016

    Guild Wars 2 WvW poll get a good response, players are given a fair vote, and many players expressed their own views and ideas. I believe that ArenaNet have begun to collate the WvW poll information and they are planning changes and improvements in the future.