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Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a large MMORPG fantasy online games which developed by ArenaNet.As a sequel to the Guild Wars, since the beginning of research and development has been subjected the many gaming authority media’s attention.Gw2 be favored by media cause it change the tradition of game and arouse the game innovation.Guild Wars 2 was awarded IGN's "Most Expecting Game of 2012" award.

The game offers a huge world for players to explore.For example,WvW, a lot of game events,many high-difficulty mode of the underground city.Even after the player reaches the 80 level limit, there are still many things to do. 

There are five types of currency available to the player.These basic currency can only be obtained through the following channels:complete the event, the monster falls,sale goods.These currencies can buy basic equipment, repair equipment, transmission, exchange gems, in the WvW upgrade to the fortress and so on.In general,if players do not deliberately chase seeking gold,the reward for completing the event will be self sufficient.But if you want to engage in a rare set of equipment, MMOSKY is your best choice.     

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It is noteworthy that ArenaNet has a rule each account can only be allowed to accept 500 GW2 gold per week.If you want more than 500 GW2 golds or you’re clear you need something, we recommend you buy Guild Wars 2 items directly.