ArcheAge: The Devouring Depths

ArcheAge: The Devouring Depths update has made it to the live servers. This update has two major content passes and two qualities of life updates.

“New Leviathan World Boss: The legendary Leviathan – a massive beast capable of swallowing ships whole – has finally returned to the Arcadian Sea.” The content is a new Leviathan boss. While similar to the Kraken, it's supposed to be difficult to defeat. But the rewards are rich, so this is a good deal for the large guilds that are going to take it down. Are you ready for it?

“Miroir Tundra: Adventure to the new Miroir Tundra zone and try your hand at ice fishing!” The new zone introduces some ice fishing and new fish. What kind of fish? Login the game to figure out by yourself.

“Daily Loyalty Token Event: Patrons will earn an additional Loyalty Token for every hour of play up to a max of three Loyalty Tokens per day.” While the QoL updates give patrons extra Loyalty Tokens until July 7th, gather more Tokens in order to prove you are a loyalty ArcheAge player.
“New Patron Perk: Patrons can now queue for Arenas from anywhere in the world via the Convenience UI button!” This is a humanized system, players can join the battle anywhere in ArcheAge.
New boss, new place, new system. What are you waiting for? ArcheAge have more playability. Isn’t it?