Blade and Soul: event and update

Did you tired Blade & Soul without new content and new event? Here is exciting news, you might love to read.
Blade & Soul event

Time: April 13th - April 27th
1. Players will be able to open up a free Treasure Trove once per day, providing a selection of items, one of which can be purchased. Players might log in on the first day and have a choice between a costume or a Moonstone, both available for purchase using gold.
2. Players can also unlock additional chests per day and more random slots within those chests with Ncoins or Hongmoon Coins. You can only purchase one item from the random set offered to you, but you can purchase up to 10 additional troves per day with Hongmoon Coins, if you really want to roll the dice to see what you can buy.
Blade & Soul update 2.1

Blade & Soul is preparing to bring Update 2.1: The Shattered Empire to the west on April 27th. The patch appears to have a nice spread of content, including two new heroic dungeons — Cold Storage and Sogun’s Lament — and several more floors in the solo-only Mushin’s Tower.
Update 2.1 will also contain a new PvP mode called Whirlwind Valley. This game mode will be a 6v6 fight that requires teams to work together to accomplish specific objectives (beyond merely bashing in the face of the enemy).
Source: Blade & Soul Official Site