ELOA first content patch

Webzen launched ELOA at 11/24/2015, 15 days later they bring us the first content patch about ELOA. The new ELOA patch includes new level cap, new zone, Christmas events and new dungeon system. Let’s take a look the details.
New level cap

Now, you can continue your character progress, because the level cap increased 30 to 35. In order to help players to level up, the system did a series of changes. There are lots of new monsters and quests added in the new zones. Also the battlefield level requirement has been raised accordingly.
New zone
Eight fields of a new territory called “Brimstone Mine”, this new place wait for players to adventure. A new dungeon called “Abandoned Mine” is added in this new zone.
New dungeon system

ELOA new patch add a dungeon system - infinite dungeon challenge, the higher the stage you enter, the more difficult your encounters will be, randomly generated dungeon loop, with harder content every time you beat a stage. E.g. If you enter a stage, you will be teleported to a different zone with a wide range of monsters to beat. If you manage to complete one stage, the higher tier stage unlocks.
The dungeon named Crevice of Chaos in Baratan Fortress, also you can be entered through the Dungeon Matching UI (U). Players can enter the Crevice of Chaos once a day for free. The only methods to enter more than once, is by either consuming one Dimensional Essence, or by paying a certain amount of ELOA Gold. Parallel to this update, we have added a Dimensional Essence to the 1 hour and 3 hour login reward, as a free method to enjoy Crevice of Chaos more than once a day.

• Level Requirement: 35+
• Enter with up to 4 players at once
• In the Dungeon Matching UI, select "Special" and in the dropdown menu "Crevice of Chaos"
• Alternatively, talk to Grakan, Guardian of the Dimension, for more information and access to the dungeon.
Christmas events

From the 8th of December (09:00 UTC) to the 29th of December (09:00 UTC), the entire WEBZEN.com portal will be celebrating the holiday season - BONUS Wcoin, daily gift and Wcoin Attack. Baratan Fortress is now Christmas themed, players can click on one of these snowmen in-game. Have fun!
Other Changes
• Dimensional Essence x1 has been updated to 1/3 hour play reward. You can use this to enter the Crevice of Chaos more than once a day.
• Production crafting grade has been increased to 6.
• Tutorial has been changed to prevent abuse.
• Potion drop and balancing has been changed.
• Area, Party advertisement chat level limit is changed to 10.
• You can now add players to your black list with just a few clicks! A new context menu for adding players to your blacklist was added when right clicking a player's name in the chat.