FFXIV : How to decorate a unique house

Having a home in the beautiful Eorzea has always been the first wish of many adventurers to enter the world.But because of the limited quantity and expensive price of independent houses, it is impossible for every adventurer to have a own house.Fortunately, independent housing is also bought as a unit. Although the price is still high, compare with the individual burden to a house, a small and medium-sized forces to have their own homes is not very difficult things.
Today , let’s we talk about how to decorate the house.
Before you decorate your house,you must to think about the theme of your house.Put another way,which kind of housing you like.

The theme of luxurious suites with a warm and heroic view.Used in luxurious furniture layout, generous, but not deviated from the theme of the room.

The theme of the mysterious library have a distinctive flavour with a unique concept by put aside the idea of one room and create a special space.

Bacially,all of the players want have their own house with their own style.so how to decide which one is suitable for you?The style of the house is mainly reflected in the type and the color of furniture, wallpaper, floor,light and other more details.For example, if you decide that the theme of your houese is a cozy hut, then you have to consider a bed, a wardrobe and a table when you choose furniture.However, the style is depending on your personal preference, I can offer you some great examples as a reference.

Luxury European style, classic red and black tones

Exquisite elegance and a little mysterious classical style

3.Planning and layout
Many players are accustomed to buy furniture first, then decorate the house, but it's easy to get out of the way.Therefore, before buying furniture, it is better to plan the space first, think of the area and the furniture which you want.Buy furniture with a sense of purpose rather than just by feelings,you can aviod buy a lot of redundant furniture in the end.
The division of the housing area is not necessary to use a single partition, although the room is uniform,you can use partitions, low walls, screens, columns or some other things to remould the space.

Oasis Column + low wall by isolating plants separated the room to a rest area

Obviously,if you want to build a beautiful,flash,distinctive houesing,there has one thing you can not neglect is FFXIV Gil.With enough FFXIV Gil,you can buy the wonderful table,exquisite furniture and any other things you want.
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I hope these will help you to decorate your own house.
Come on ! Use your creativity to decorate a unique room that only belongs to you !