Guild Wars 2 WvW poll

The first WvW poll was closed, you put your critical vote to which on? WvW‘s poll is simple: Players are asked to show a preference (if they have one) for either a set of quality of life improvements or an overhaul in scoring mechanics and following the poll whichever side wins will become the first priority of the WvW dev team.

WvW poll result
The scoring improvements section is narrowly topping the poll with 49% of the total votes in its favor. 45% of votes quality of life improvements and the remaining 6% of voters showed no preference. I am not surprised that QoL improvements win 45% votes, because of the lack of detail in those bullet points combined with cross-map chat being included in the QoL camp made the vote much trickier for players.
The scoring improvements votes and the QoL improvements votes are very close, which one will the Guild Wars 2 WvW team focus on? Or they will find the balance between them?  I noticed that several commenters were also asking for elaboration on certain points, this indicates that the game companies want to get more inspiration. Listen to the players voice of the method, it is worthy of praise.
WvW poll: The no preference option
As a player, i am glad to see a no preference option in the WvW poll, if there was two options: scoring improvements and quality of life improvements, so you have to choose one of them. If you have other inspiration or idea which you want to show in this WvW poll event, but there just have two options....... So, the no preference option has 2 benefits: 1 Make player always has choice, i think no one want to do something because of no choice; 2 Listen the voice of players, in order to get more inspiration, find more development direction for the game.
WvW poll: Scoring improvements
The WvW team wishes to reduce the impact of night capping, which could serve to alienate the night shift and lessen its usefulness to the war effort. Lessening the gap between the winning on losing scores should be a sensible move, providing it ties in well with glicko and doesn’t act as too much of an unfair counterweight for the winning side. I think it’ll be a good improvement to WvW.
There are a lot of opinions on how scoring and balance should be addressed in the discussion thread that accompanies the WvW poll. All of the players all pay out in WvW, personally, I hope my efforts can be rewarded almost same whatever i am the party of the winner or the party of the fail.

WvW poll: Quality of life improvements
Topping the list of proposed quality of life improvements that could become the next focus of ANet’s WvW team is an option for reducing the annoying nameplate clutter that currently can be problematic during highly populated skirmishes, and the greatly requested cross-map team chat. Although enhanced map markers, a WXP-gain trail, and objective tooltips are nice to have, they’re not as game-breakingly pressing as clutter reduction and cross-map communication.
If you’re the player who is easily frustrated by irksome UI fussiness and clunky impediments that slow down your play, i think you will recommend WvW team to do it better.
All in all, Guild Wars 2 WvW poll get a good response, players are given a fair vote, and many players expressed their own views and ideas. I believe that ArenaNet have begun to collate the WvW poll information and they are planning changes and improvements in the future. Let's wait and see.