Guild Wars 2’s World vs World mode will change

Guild Wars 2’s World vs. World mode is about to get more interesting — and more beneficial — for its participants. The team is kicking off the first phase of its new skirmish system, in which players will be rewarded more often during the long war campaigns.
“Matches are still a week long, but have been split into two-hour time slices that we are calling skirmishes,” ArenaNet explained. “During a skirmish, players will earn war score normally as they always have, but war score is now being used to determine the winner of each skirmish. When each two-hour skirmish ends, war score is reset, but actual map state and objective status remains unchanged.”
The skirmishes will begin on September 9th in both North America and Europe. The studio said that the next phase will award more war score for various objectives, with future phases being determined on skirmish performance and feedback