How can get the Guild Wars legendary weapons?

    If you’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 for a while, you must heard from some players about Legendary Weapons.So what is a Legendary Weapons and how to get one?
    Legendary Weapons are the awesome achievement of your adventure which you can  forging when you travel all over, collecting items and amassing materials in Guild Wars 2.
How to forge the legendary weapons?Legendary Weapons are created in the Mystic Forge.The game have kept the recipe a mystery so the community has a puzzle to figure out.There will be many players have been posting their progress on forums.Maybe you can find some hints in there. Also you can find hints in almost every area of Guild Wars 2,like WvW, dungeons, dynamic events, crafting, and more.The process is when you obtained your base weapon,you’ll need to present gifts to Zommoros. These gifts come from all over Tyria,and the different ones is depending on what kinds of Legendary Weapon you’re trying to craft.
    Legendary Weapons is a wonderful items in GW2.They’re designed to stand out and show off your accomplishments,it will bring you more fun in the game.