REVELATION ONLINE Gives players a guide to Marks

In games within the MMORPG genre, the ability to improve weapons and armor is a key part. Whether it’s a boost in the stats, or abilities that can be added to make you stronger, the desire to improve is there to be fulfilled. One of the ways you can do this in Revelation Online is via Marks.

Marks are like refining equipment or awakening your gear, they give you boosts and abilities that can help you be stronger in the game. Some Marks abilities include Mana Wrench, Spell Resistance, Break Essence and Defense Essence. Also, by getting Marks, you can improve your gear score too.

There are several ways to get Marks in Revelation Online. PVP marks can be obtained via the PVP Army Coins Shop and World Bosses. Whereas PVE Marks can be gotten from the Demonslayer Shop, and they too can be obtained from world bosses. You can even unlock more slots by getting an item known as Dragonspike.

More specifically, when you play PVP matches, you’ll be rewarded with Valor Points, which are your immediate reward for doing matches. Every time you complete a match, you’ll get Valor Points, even if you lose. If you get enough Valor Points in PVP, you’ll get a Battle League reward chest, which will contain Marks.
Unlike in other aspects of Revelation Online, you don’t need an NPC to use or equip marks. You can do it under the general skills tab, and if you’re skilled enough, you can even combine the Marks to make them even stronger.
Revelation Online wants you to be as strong as you can be in the game, and these Marks may just be the way you do it. The game is still in beta phase, but a release day could be coming soon.
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