Revelation Online’s Name Reservation Is Now Closed

We already talked about Revelation Online’s name reservation that was available to people that bought either the Founder or the Delux packs. These players had their names reserved ahead of the Early Access that starts on February 27th. All of the names that were registered are final and they can’t be edited or changed, so your name will be exclusive to you if you reserved it. Just keep in mind that if 30 days go by and you haven’t created a character by that point, the name will become available again for others to use

Revelation Online’s name reservation is a great reward for players that wanted to support the game. It’s nothing that affects gameplay, yet it’s highly rewarding as players get to choose a name for themselves which will be available to them as soon as the create their characters. We’ve all had those times when we think of a really cool name, but it ends up being taken. But, if you reserve your name before others have the opportunity to take it, you won’t have to worry about thinking of another one that was as cool as the first one you came up with.

The developers of Revelation Online really seem to appreciate their player base, which is something that other MMORPG developers don’t do these days, which is a shame since a happy player base means that the players will play the game and continue to support it. The game’s Early Access is starting on February 27th, while the Open Beta starts on March 6th.

We can’t wait to play the game as soon as it enters Open Beta, and we know there’s a lot of people out there that are also eager to play Revelation Online as soon as possible!

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