SWTOR launches heist chapter Profit and Plunder

SWTOR Profit and Plunder
SWTOR launches heist chapterProfit and Plunder on May 3rd, i think all of the player are playing the new expansion now.
Are you the subscribers? If so, you are likely playing Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire with the HK-55-inspired subscriber reward, you will be able to change the look of your ship droid, both 2V-R8 and C2-N2, to HK-55’s gold and black color pattern.  But if not, you’ve finished and are now champing at the bit for Chapter 13: Profit and Plunder, you will have to wait no further than May 3rd for early access.
SWTOR  Profit and Plunder
According to the Producer Livestream today, the next chapter will feature a heist and two former companions many players have been asking for: Vette and Gault — although people might have been asking for Gault so that they could finally kill him.
The producers on the livestream mentioned double XP, a droid mini pet, and other prizes and events surrounding the unofficial Star Wars Day, May the 4th. Look for details on all of that coming soon.