Elder Scrolls Online News: Update 15 Available for Consoles, Brings 'Chaosball' and a New Map

The wait for console players has ended, as Update 15 is now available for their versions of "Elder Scrolls Online."

Update 15 is one that players will want to clear out some space for, as it includes some new features.

The first of the new features is an additional game mode known as "Chaosball."

Detailed in an earlier post on the game's official website, "Chaosball" puts a Tamriel-inspired twist on the simple ball game.

The goal of "Chaosball" is to gain possession of the designated ball and then hold on to it for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, holding on to the ball is not easy for a variety of reasons.

First off, the members of the opposing team will obviously try to take the ball away and on top of that, even the ball itself will not be cooperating with whoever is in possession of it. The ball weakens and damages whoever is holding it, and even nearby teammates can be adversely affected by it.

If a team manages to accumulate 500 points while holding on to the ball, then that squad will be declared the winner. A team can also win if it has the most points after the end of a "Chaosball" match.

Another notable addition included in "Elder Scrolls Online's" Update 15 is a new Battlegrounds map known as Arcane University.

The map itself does not look like much on the outside, but peering inside, players will see that it is an interesting location that features enough quirks to keep everyone on their toes. Portals are present to allow for quick travel, but players need to be careful when using them as they can end up saddling them with damaging effects.

Update 15is available for free, so console players can try out the new game mode and map as soon as the download is finished.

More news about the "Elder Scrolls Online" should be made available soon.