FFXIV: Patch 4.1 Trailer + Job Changes!(Reprinted)

It’s here! There’s finally a trailer for FFXIV Patch 4.1, Stormblood’s first major content update. It was released as part of Naoki Yoshida’s monthly Letter from the Producer Live, and shows — among other things — the footage from the 24-man raid, super-savage, and Rival Wings, a brand new PVP mode that lets you fight alongside a Cruise Chaser. It’s like all my namedays came at once!

The update will go live on October 10th, while draft patch notes will likely go up on the 6th.

There’s an official translation of the accompanying Live Letter on the official forums, which goes into greater detail about what is (and isn’t) in the patch. Something that’s missing from that however is details about job changes — Warrior, Dragoon, Summoner, Scholar and Machinist all appear to be getting buffed in the next patch, according to unofficial translations.
In a move that might stop my Warrior friends moaning, Shake It Off is being changed into something useful, while Dragoons will only need three stacks of Dragon Eye to be able to use Life of the Dragon / Nastrond. Devotion, possibly the worst buff in the world at present, is being changed from a single target move that only affects the party member closest to a Summoner’s pet (how was that ever considered a good idea?!) to an astonishing full-party buff.

For Scholars, Adloquium will cost less MP and various role skills will be balanced to bring it in line with Astrologian and White Mage, both of which are dominant at healing, while Hypercharge is getting cranked up for Machinists. Ninja is changing too, but I’m not really sure how right now; Shukuchi will be adjusted to be less laggy, however, which is a clear improvement.

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