Guild Wars Deep discount for Black Friday weekend

Are you looking forward to crazy Friday?

Want to buy the gold you need at a cheap price?

Good News! There is a  Deep discount  for you on GW1:

Acivity Period:Nov.24-Nov.27

1.Up to 20% Off For All Products(except for Account & Powerleveling)

2. 10 % Bonus For all the quantity items ,as weapons, Minipet, we will be giving away extra Ectos for free.

3.Free 100ECTO or Zkey Gifts over 15$ Spent !
Free 500ECTO or  Zkey Gifts over 50$ Spent !
Free 1000ECTO or Zkey Gifts over 70$ Spent !
Free 2000ECTO or Zkey Gifts over 140$ Spent !

4.Special GW items will be given to randomly-selected GW customers as gifts every day.

Let's enjoy the discount season, go buy whatever you need. And please share this good news to your friends!