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Gaming News
Archeage Unchained Gold Making: Resource Gathering
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By Martin|May 3, 2021|777 Views,0 Comments

This guide aims to introduce you to the basic Archeage Unchained Gold Making concepts that will, hopefully, help you learn how to take your moneymaking skills to the next level.

Gaming News
ESO: Flames of Ambition DLC and Blackwood Chapter
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By Martin|April 19, 2021|708 Views,0 Comments

Bethesda finally has an expanded version of The Elder Scrolls: Gateway to Oblivion, which includes a movie trailer and detailed information about the year-long adventure.

Gaming News
ESO Gates of Oblivion Global Reveal
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By Martin|April 3, 2021|666 Views,0 Comments

Elder Scrolls Online: Gates of Oblivion is a follow-up to last year's Dark Heart of Skyrim adventure, with the massive Blackwood expansion taking center stage in June, featuring 30 hours of new story content, new areas, companion systems, and loads more.

Gaming News
Everything we know about ESO Blackwood chapter
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By Martin|March 16, 2021|596 Views,0 Comments

Zenimax Online Studios announced that the official name of the upcoming fifth chapter expansion will be Blackwood and it releases on PC and Stadia June 1st, followed by Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 8th.