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haydn :
receved gold to eso thank you for a speedy procces will be using again
Jonime :
Quick and reliable trade,Any issues are addressed immediately.
Jon :
I have made many orders on this website and i never had a single issue,professional business.
Dum :
Very fast and reliable!!!
Sinster :
very fast and as always
Irmingar :
Zeitweise habe ich schon mal eine große Bestellung und dann mal wieder einige Kleine. Aber jedesmal klappt es super auch bei großen Bestellungen! Herzlichen Dank für diesen guten und korrekten Service. Weiter so.
Herman :
Got my order in not even 3 minutes very good customer service and best part is they are trust worthy :)
Eisheth :
best service :)
Randomplayer :
Fast and always reliable, very happy with the service!
Val :
Ordered Z-keys and black dye. Came through flawlessly.
Frammy :
Once validated, if you check stock prior to ordering, you can get your gold in as little as 5 minutes. Very nice!
Draqua :
been getting a lot of gold here, first i thought it would be sketchy but decided to try it (pve builds and house decorations costs loads of gold), good service! and always delivers, will definitely order more. sometimes lasts hours but i do make big orders so its all good
Japp :
Very fast delivery and trustworthy
Kuno :
Super fast! I received order within minutes!
raina :
it was fast and easy, very reliable service, A++
That One Girl :
I ordered from this site twice. My 1st order was to test it out and I received my order in under 5 minutes! Then my 2nd order was for quite a bit more, I received and e-mail stating they needed some sort of document for proof of identity due to fraud, I sent them a picture of my ID & within 10 ten minutes I had my 2nd order. I will say it made me nervous when my 2nd order didn't come as quick, but it was resolved, and I'm a happy gamer!
Daim :
Great website
Axczl :
Took bit more than 20 minutes, but still received items
Rave :
Fast Delivery .. less than 10 mins to complete
WangChung :
Order came in less then 10 mins. Was quick and easy. I'm very happy and would recommend to anyone who needs ff14 gil. New housing districts are coming in 5.1 (end of october), so good time to buy.