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SWTOR Credits
Star Wars: The Old Republic(SWTOR) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game and the story takes place at a unique Star Wars fictional universe.

The player can choose one faction from Republic and Empire. In the Republic faction player can choose Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Smuggler or Trooper; in the Empire faction player can choose Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter or Imperial Agent. The SWTOR Credits will help you a lot in game, such as buying items, leveling skills, and so on. SWTOR items very useful for your characters, have enough SWTOR Credits that's the best way to improve your character.

Choose your favorite faction and character when you create your character. Players can finish the missions, finishing the side missions of group also need large amount of SWTOR Credits, sending a companion on these missions will cost SWTOR Credits but in return you can receive crafting materials, SWTOR credits, lockboxes, new equipment, crafting schematics and even new missions to send a companion off to do.

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Gaming News
Star Wars the Old Republic : A game you should try in 2021

ByMartin|February 6, 2021

SWTOR launched in December 2011 and has been the only Star Wars MMO since. It is being developed and supported by BioWare Austin. SWTOR over the years has graduated into a version that is definitely easier to traverse.