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How to Prepare for Burning Crusade Classic

Prior to the release of Burning Crusade Classic, players will be able to choose their current World of Warcraft classic characters. You can advance your character into The Burning Crusade Era, or you can go back and play the original game on the Classic Era server. Players can clone their characters for a fraction of the cost, keep them at level 60, and upgrade them through outlands. Blood elves and Draenei will have to reach level 60, but they will have a small lead before the dark portal opens, and the leveling curve will accelerate slightly. Players entering the Classic for the first time will be able to upgrade their character up to 58, so everyone will try it as soon as the Dark Portal is officially opened.

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Blizzard has adjusted the fights in raids a little more than in World of Warcraft Classic. Some bosses, like M’uru in the Sunwell, were nerfed multiple times. The technical issues, bugs, and limiting mechanics are being removed, but M’uru will retain a bigger health pool and feel a little more like his original incarnation that served as a brick wall for guilds back in the day. Class-specific abilities, like the Blood Elf Paladin seal, will be made available across factions at max level to keep things relatively balanced. Burning Crusade Classic also adds the Jewelcrafting profession and the Arena PvP system. Players will be able to queue for 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 matches. The matchmaking system will also be updated and overhauled with Blizzard’s modern technology to provide quick matches.

Blizzard now finds itself maintaining three versions of its flagship MMO simultaneously; potentially more, if this model continues through to subsequent WOW expansions. That sounds like a headache, although the Classic community is clearly big enough for the effort to be worth it - Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has spoken approvingly of the effect Classic has had on WOW subscription numbers. "Yeah, it is more complicated to run multiple products in this environment," Dawson said. "But we have a world class lab operations team that is up for this challenge. Even going from one mega game to two mega games when we were a big change for that group as well. So the good news is, we've done that before, we know what it's like to add a new game to World of Warcraft."

The World of Warcraft Classic is more than just a historical novelty, the incredible design still shines through even today. Playing an MMO may seem odd, as the genre depends on a future of ever-evolving prospects and ostensibly has a limited lifespan, as the update brings us to the end of WoW before Burning Crusial, but WoW Classic proves that there's still a lot more to do and experience in that journey. World of Warcraft Classic is available to anyone with a World of Warcraft subscription, and it's an adventure worth taking - for the first time or not.

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