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Gaming NewsWoW Classic TBC Investment Opportunities
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By Martin|June 2, 2021|713 Views,0 Comments

Here are some tips to help get more WoW Classic TBC gold.

Gaming NewsSomething changing in The WOW CLASSIC TBC pre-patch
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By Martin|June 1, 2021|588 Views,0 Comments

The pre-expansion patch for World of Warcraft classic Burning Crusade is now available, offering players some new features ahead of the game's full release.

Gaming NewsWoW Classic Auction House to Temporarily Close on May 14
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By Martin|May 13, 2021|598 Views,0 Comments

World of Warcraft: Classic's auction houses will be going offline for roughly five days in preparation for the arrival of the Burning Crusade expansion pre-patch on May 18.

Gaming NewsGet to know WoW Classic: Burning Crusade
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By Martin|March 26, 2021|467 Views,0 Comments

World of Warcraft is returning to the past once again with the announcement of Burning Crusade Classic at BlizzConline.

Gaming NewsWorld of Warcraft Classic: Most stunning success story
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By Martin|March 10, 2021|398 Views,0 Comments

The idea for WoW Classic came from players who started their own private servers with older versions of the game. In April 2016, Blizzard began shutting down these unauthorized servers, causing a backlash from the fanbase, but it did spur the developer to look for a proper solution.

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