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Gaming NewsSomething changing in The WOW CLASSIC TBC pre-patch
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By Martin|June 1, 2021|587 Views,0 Comments

The pre-expansion patch for World of Warcraft classic Burning Crusade is now available, offering players some new features ahead of the game's full release.

Gaming NewsPatch 1.13.7 Live on World of Warcraft Classic
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By Martin|April 26, 2021|502 Views,0 Comments

Recently, Blizzard released the patch notes for the upcoming 1.13.7 update to World of Warcraft Classic that will come alongside a scheduled weekly maintenance.

Gaming NewsWoW: Classic Update 1.13.7 Patch Note
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By Martin|April 23, 2021|494 Views,0 Comments

Blizzard recently released a patch note for the upcoming World of Warcraft Classics version 1.13.7 , which will be in conjunction with planned weekly maintenance.

Gaming NewsHow to Prepare for Burning Crusade Classic
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By Martin|March 12, 2021|561 Views,0 Comments

Prior to the release of Burning Crusade Classic, players will be able to choose their current World of Warcraft classic characters. You can advance your character into the Burning Crusade Era, or you can go back and play the original game on the Classic Era server.

Gaming NewsWorld of Warcraft Classic: Most stunning success story
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By Martin|March 10, 2021|398 Views,0 Comments

The idea for WoW Classic came from players who started their own private servers with older versions of the game. In April 2016, Blizzard began shutting down these unauthorized servers, causing a backlash from the fanbase, but it did spur the developer to look for a proper solution.

Gaming NewsWhy do some players prefer World of Warcraft Classic
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By Martin|January 30, 2021|413 Views,0 Comments

When the original game was released, the game was praised for the interaction between players. World of Warcraft players have to choose whether they want to join the Alliance or the Horde. It's not easy to level up, defeat the dungeon leader and fight the other side, and this quickly builds a strong bond between players.

Gaming NewsWoW Classic’s final raid, Naxxramas be released in early December
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By Martin|December 25, 2020|508 Views,0 Comments

Blizzard launches the final World of Warcraft Classic's vanilla raid, Naxxramas, which is already live on servers for all the players to enjoy.

Gaming NewsWoW Classic Launches new version- Naxxramas
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By Martin|December 24, 2020|441 Views,0 Comments

The final vanilla raid, Naxxramas, has already gone live in World of Warcraft Classic.

Gaming NewsWorld of Warcraft Classic takes you back
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By Martin|October 27, 2020|475 Views,0 Comments

Don't let the name fool you — World of Warcraft Classic isn't an older version of the game that's since been abandoned. Instead, it's a "faithful recreation" of WoW's past that many veterans actually begged for.

Gaming NewsIs it late to start playing in World of Warcraft Classic ?
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By Martin|August 26, 2020|522 Views,0 Comments

After the long wait finally, World of Warcraft Classic finally be out.

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