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Star Citizen How to Make Money

The star citizen project is in line with the reality of our life. You need money to purchase things, but the money is came from work. Yes, you spent all your games on things, and now you're completely broke. We are here for this special reason.
The star citizen is here is a huge movie. There are many ways to make a living. Some are safe and some need to take risks. This game has a completely legal and illegal system. As a beginner player, or even a game enthusiast, you may suffer in the profit part of the game, so we have a guide.
Therefore, let us talk about the details of how star citizens make money without delay.

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Missions in Star Citizen

With the update in the first quarter of 2022, the only truly important way for Starfleet citizens to make money is mission. You can try different tasks. Some people do not need weapons, some people need weapons, some people take risks but will pay you more, while others are safe but will not pay you so much

If you want to make money in the game, these and your recent changes are your best friends. Therefore, press F1 to open mobiglas. There are various options below. Last, the contract manager.
Here, you can see various jobs / missions with different parameters. For example, in general, you can see different types of missions. Next we will examine each tab in turn to understand the mission.

General Tab

  • This is the 1st line

  • Delivery
  • Service Beacons
  • Investigation
  • Maintenance
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Mercenary

Personal Tab

These tasks are sent directly to you, so you will receive additional rewards after completing the tasks. On the other hand, these tasks are usually "grey" or "black" contracts. In other words, as we said at the beginning of this article, some illegal or bad things may be done in these tasks. 

Accepted Tab

After searching for tasks on the appropriate Personal or General tab, you can check for accepted missions on that tab. If other players finish the mission in front of you, they will disappear.
In addition, when you accept them and see them on the accept tab, you can do the following for the missions:

  • Abandon
  • Track/Untrack
  • Share 

Easy Earning

There is a list of available weapon summoning missions on the mercenary tab. You need to reach them as soon as possible, because they are fast and easy to complete, and they have paid a high price.
In these missions, you will receive funding to kill random space pirates. If you kill pirates by performing other missions in space, and you don't accept the offer, you won't get points. Therefore, it is important to understand this before exploring the vast universe of Star Citizens.

Earning Money in Star Citizen

This guide will be divided into two parts;  non-combat earning and combat earning. First, we will discuss non combat earning, because it is easier for novices, while combat earning is somewhat the opposite.
Making Money Through Non-Combat Missions

In order for you to make money to do research, you need some basic things. First, you need the GreyCat Multitool and orbit mining bit attachment.. Then you need a backpack that allows you to accumulate more capacity.
In addition, these task types are located on the Investigation tab. Just as we sometimes need to search for missing bodies, in exchange, we need to explore caves. By doing so, you can make a living by using these cave digging devices 

Box Delivery Missions

As we have already pointed out, Box Delivery are one of the safest means of livelihood. They are not-combat, but you may be attacked by Space Pirate or NPC when performing these missions. But when you don't want to fight, it doesn't matter. 

Escorting Missions

These missions may be combat oriented, but in most cases, they are safe for beginners. To complete these tasks, you must escort NPC to a certain point and get results. Remember, you are more likely to encounter Pirates while performing these missions en route.

Making Money Through Combat Missions

 Claim Jumper Missions
When you are ready to make greater progress in Star Citizen, these Claim jumper Missions are for you. But sometimes it becomes one of the most difficult tasks.
Bounty Hunting Missions
These tasks are the most rewarding, but also the most dangerous and worrying. There are Bounty Hunting Contract at each point of the Star Citizen, and you must sign these contracts before the mission begins.

Personal Missions

These tasks have their own category, which means they will be huge. These one-notch up are the most remunerative but more risky than Bounty Missions.
How to tell a difference between NPC and Real Player?
After opening the manager, you can know the name of the person you want to kill in order to get a bounty claimed. Their names describe all the differences. If they have cs1-cs5, they are NPC. On the other hand, if there are bounty issues and simply their name, that is the real player.
Our advice is to accept the Real Player Contracts only if you are efficient enough in this game to fight extreme battles without any problem. There may be one or more players in a big ship. 


There are so many ways to make money in Star Citizen and you'll have so much fun by doing it.
If you would like more detailed contents, such as an introduction to various missions to make money please click on <this guide> and we will provide you with a more detailed introduction

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