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FFXIV:Little Ladies' Day 2020 Quest

Little Ladies' Day returns to Eorzea for 2020, from March 2-15.
This 2020 edition introduces new glamour items and some exclusive housing furniture — including the Eastern Stage! Follow our guide and make sure you don't miss out on the special FF14 rewards!

To start the event quest you will need to go to Ul'dah — you can pick it up from the Royal Seneschal on the Steps of Nald, close to the main Aeth eryte crystal (X:10.5 Y:8.6)

You will then need to interact with various NPCs related to the event story in the city streets — there's no fighting required!
This questline is quite quick, but some NPCs are hidden so here are their locations in case you're lost or just don't want to play hide-and-seek.

Finishing the Little Ladies Day 2020 questline will reward you with two glamour items.
Both are dyeable and can be used by both female and male characters. However, they can't be traded, so make sure to grab them before the event ends!

Once the main quest for the event is done, you will unlock a repeatable quest rewarding the Peach Confetti and Cherry Confetti consumables.


  • Both items are also available to purchase in the Seasonal Shop.

  • Little Ladies' Day 2020 Seasonal Shop

  • Here's what you can buy in the special seasonal shop for this year:

  • Eastern Stage — 3,000 Gil

  • Little Ladies' Day Banner — 2,500 Gil

  • Peach Confetti — 10 Gil
  • Cherry Confetti — 10 Gil

These items and furniture will only be available for the duration of the event, and might not return in the future.
If you're thinking of using the furniture to decorate your house at any time, you might want to make sure you have it in stock now.

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