Final Fantasy XIV's patch 5.5 trailer shows Nier

It’s been a strong couple of years for Final Fantasy 14 (styled as Final Fantasy XIV). In 2019, the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) released its third expansion, Shadowbringers, to widespread acclaim. The major release has a 90/100 Metacritic score, and the user score is also impressive. Looking ahead, Square Enix recently announced Endwalker, its fourth expansion to launch in the fall of 2021, which will take the Warriors of Light to mysterious new locations, including the Moon. Final Fantasy XIV is also coming to PS5, and anyone who owns the game on PS4 will be able to upgrade it for free.

While the prospects for FF14 look promising, the development team at Square Enix is still dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic. This fact is no secret, as the team apologized for the months of delay. In addition to these H's, Final Fantasy XIV managed to maintain a relatively stable patch release schedule throughout Shadowbringers, allowing players to engage in new story quests, raids, and other unique forms of content.

Patch 5.5, Death Unto Dawn, has a landing page that breaks down all the additions. There are new main story quests, obviously, in which Fandaniel and the Telophoroi are causing ominous towers to rise across the realm as part of their plan to recreate the Final Days. There's also a little of everything. New raids, a new dungeon, a new trial, and new mounts, minions and New Game+ updates. When Endwalker arrives later this year, it'll increase the level cap from 80 to 90 and add multiple new classes. The first half of the Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.5 update will continue the Shadowbringers storyline with a new dungeon called Pagl’than for players to explore with their friends. A new battlefield called Zandor will also be available in Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.5, as part of the Save The Queen Relic quest. In Patch 5.5, FFXIV Gil is very important for players.


- Patch 5.5 Part 1 will release on April 13th, 2021.
- Patch 5.5 Part 2 will release at the end of May 2021.
- The main scenario quest will be divided in two parts.
- A new instanced dungeon will be added called Paglth’an.
- The final chapter to The Sorrow of Werlyt will be added.
- A new trial The Cloud Deck (Diamond Weapon) will be added and will include an Extreme difficulty version.
- YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse Chapter 3 will be added to continue the NieR Automata collaboration. The title of the third alliance raid accompanying it is The Tower at Paradigm’s Breach.
- Job adjustments will be performed. They will be smaller in scope with larger changes reserved for the upcoming Endwalker expansion.
- The Feast’s eighteenth season will end and the nineteenth will begin.
- Patch 5.55 will update Save the Queen with new content.

The PS5 Open Beta of Final Fantasy 14 will arrive on April 13 to coincide with the release of Patch 5.5. Square Enix revealed the news in a tweet from the official Final Fantasy 14 account on Twitter. According to the team, the PS5 version will benefit from "greatly increased frame rates, true 4K resolution, 3D Audio and haptic feedback." If you want to participate in the beta, you can find all the details on how to join on the official Final Fantasy 14 website.