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Something changing in The WOW CLASSIC TBC pre-patch

The pre-expansion patch for World of Warcraft classic Burning Crusade is now available, offering players some new features ahead of the game's full release. After 17 years of nostalgic for the Warcraft classic, players can now look forward to a new chapter in the world of Azeroth. With the Burning Crusade expansion set to launch on June 1, the entire community is gearing up to step through the Dark Portal into Outland. However, like any World of Warcraft expansion pack, The Burning Crusade comes with a pre-patch that gives players a taste of what to expect when a major update goes live. These pre-patch additions can now be viewed in-game, and there's even an exclusive campaign involving Dark Portal.

While we don't know the full extent of the changes Blizzard has planned for TBC Classic, we know what's coming and changing for Classic with the pre-patch. You need enough WoW Classic TBC Gold to handle this change. In this guide, we'll list many of the major changes coming to the game.

New talents and spells in the TBC Classic

One of the most anticipated changes for the pre-patch is the new talents and skills coming to most classes. It's fair to say that some specs don't quite feel ready in Classic, and, for the most part, TBC fixes a lot of those issues. For the pre-patch, every spec will get another two rows of talents in each tree, with most gaining a new final skill and improvements to the previous end talent.

Above are two examples of this for Paladins and for Horde players this is all new so get doubly excited. In the Protection Paladin tree, you'll see Paladin's gain one of their most iconic abilities, Avenger's Shield. Finally, after two years of the body pulling mobs Paladins are finally able to pull in style. The other new addition is the Classic end of row spells getting an improved version. Above is an example for Paladins, Holy Shield was vital to Paladin tanking in Classic, and the improved version in TBC is only going to cement the class as a key player in any dungeon group.

Paladins and shamans join the horde and alliance

It's finally the time for Paladins and Shamans to cross the faction lines. With the introduction of Blood Elfs and Draenei, both factions are finally able to experience the other side's secret weapon. While it was always a fun gimmick through Classic, it probably left the faction war slightly lopsided. While Shamans were, and still remain a strong class, Paladins gave the Alliance access to another tanking class, something sorely lacking in Classic. Their inclusion is limited to just the new factions, they'll no doubt have a major impact on the meta.

Open the Dark Portal event

The Dark Portal Open campaign will be released with a pre-patch at some point, but it's not clear what changes Blizzard will make. The original version of the event was well remembered, but it was a mess for the Blizzard server, and they learned a lot from the later pre-extended event.

In any case, we expect the Dark Portal of the Wasteland to start spouting demons at some point. Deliberate attacks on Alliance and Horde capital cities. The main reward for this event is the Protector's Cloak, which, when added later in TBC, rewards feats of strength achievements.

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