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World of Warcraft Classic, also known as WoW Classic, has finally been released. This world's most popular MMORPG has been updated for 15 years, giving fans a first look at the game. The long wait to enter the WoW Classic server has ruined the return to some extent, but in most cases it proved to be a very pleasant stroll in memory. But for a version of a game 15 years ago, what is the point of relaunching it?

In the world of online games, 15 years is an incredibly long time-for a game like World of Warcraft that maintains a community during this time is almost unheard of, especially when it is When you need to subscribe to play. In addition, in order to maintain the loyalty of the fan base, Blizzard has added more and more content to World of Warcraft in the past few years, plus expansion on the basis of updates.

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Phase 5 of the World of Warcraft classic content cycle is coming up, and the biggest project is the campaign to open the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj. You can see the process of opening the door as an extension of world of warcraft in advance the climax of the design of the task: a lot of travel, a large number of grinding, a large number of elaborate team by two layers of raid meticulously, finally achieved the purpose of the development team to spare no effort to promote a wider range of community participation in the team, this makes the server all the team in this collective effort of the two factions.

Ahn’Qiraj raid will be unlocked on July 28

"World of Warcraft Classics" is slowly bringing the full version of the original MMO experience to life, and one of the biggest raids and events in the game will go live on July 28. Version 1.13.5 will unlock the content of Angela, which will take the player to the sand area of Silithus.

When the patch on July 28 comes into effect, players will begin a chain of quests to create a quicksand scepter. Each server will also run a "war event", and the heroes will hand over the collected resources such as cloth and leather to the leaders of their capital city. Once the war effort is completed, the gates of Ahn’Qiraj will open. This includes a special, one-time event where players can try the bee swarm area and ring the gong to obtain an incredibly rare and exclusive bug mount.

One of the fun of Phase 5 is to observe the progress of each server as it approaches the door. Of course, the big guild will have many such plans, but the last part will be an explosion to watch Twitch. After all, this is one of the decisive moments that many people think of World of Warcraft as a great MMO. Considering the previous way of working, the largest and most coordinated guild may complete the game in record time.

The launch of the Ahn’Qiraj (commonly known as AQ 40) marks one of the most important moments in Vanilla World of Warcraft history. When AQ 40 was first released, horde and alliance players had to work substantively together to gather the resources needed to raid the unlocked server. This event caused a number of interesting stories and technical issues that brought down thousands of WOW servers and brought together thousands of people in anticipation of an officially open AQ.

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