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World of Warcraft: Traveler targeting the younger generation
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World of Warcraft: Traveler targeting the younger generation

World of Warcraft is a classic MMORPG, it has been operating for more than 10 years, as you know, World of Warcraft's subscriber base is slowly shrinking. How Blizzard continue the classic?

In order to continue the wow's classic, Blizzard launched Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, upcoming on-line Overwatch and an upcoming feature-length Warcraft movie.

Blizzard is expanding the Warcraft brand and attracting a generation that might not have tried its games before. Now, developer Blizzard is teaming up with Scholastic for a new book series aimed at 8 to 12-year-olds. It's called World of Warcraft: Traveler and the first novel will be launching in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand this November. The second instalment is due in 2017.

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Warcraft literature is nothing new. Over the years there have been countless novels, comic books and manga exploring Azeroth. Among them, the World of Warcraft trilogy is arguably the most classic, the story of the development of World of Warcraft all the clues are followed Warcraft trilogy.

What Traveler will be? I think Traveler should be a little different, because of Traveler is positive the younger age readers, the author (Greg Weisman) might be from a child's point of view to write this book, the whole story line becomes gripping story of the peoples and things become fun. The books will follow Aram, a 12-year-old boy washed ashore with little more than a sketchbook and a magical compass. He has to find his way back home, adventuring and making friends along the way.

By Traveler, so that 8-12 year-old children knows Azeroth, equivalent to cultivate potential subscribers. When these children who have spending power, perhaps they will want to explore the Azeroth, because this is a place they are familiar with when they were kids. This may be a good idea, but who knows? Let us wait and see!

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