WoW Classic all you need to know about it


The classic version of "World of Warcraft" was very popular last year, as players poured into the server to play the original vanilla WoW, causing thousands of players to line up, making this modern game feel like a relative ghost town. Blizzard Entertainment announced that it was working on WoW Classic back at BlizzCon 2017.
They found that, just like queuing, this is a nearly real WoW distribution experience. This is, of course, an entertainment, not a real thing. The engine-driven classic is based on modern games, not the original 2004, with vanilla graphics and a gaming system fixed on top. It looks and plays like distribution of the game, but it should run better.
Players often actively avoided looting anything they killed when the game launched in 2004, due to the amount of time they would have to spend sliding across the ground in the looting position as the game struggled to keep up with its players. The laggiest areas in Classic remain more or less playable, even with thousands of players. There might be a delay before an item is transferred into your bags or a quest giver coughs out their lines, but the game has been playable despite the early crowds, once you’ve managed to get in, of course.
The game is currently completely smooth after about 15 levels, despite the crowd and occasional layers restarting. It is proceeding as planned, which is good news for fans, but is Blizzard ’s intention to release this version in 2019 worth it? Once the original nostalgia subsides, will players continue to play the game?
WoW Classic all you need to know

What is WoW Classic?
"WoW Classic" brings the open-world fantasy MMORPG back to the expansion, so everything from the burning expedition to the battle of Azeroth has never happened. It is not necessarily the first day version, because the company used patch 1.12 War Drum to rebuild the game.
The most important thing about "WoW" is that its art, task text, and NPC are exactly the same as the original release in my memory. Even the original bacteria have been preserved. The whole game runs better, which is a welcome improvement, but the game itself is as close as possible to the original version. I have been playing WoW for 15 years, and I worry that the original game will be too simple. But the opposite is true; the difficulty of classical music surprised me.
In the world of online games, 15 years is a long time-for game like World of Warcraft, maintaining a community during this time is almost unheard of, especially when it requires a subscription to play when. In addition, in order to maintain the loyalty of the fan base, Blizzard has added more and more content in "World of Warcraft" in recent years and added an expansion based on the upgrade.
Whether you plan to play on your gaming laptop or desktop PC, here's everything you need to know about WoW