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WoW Classic Launches new version- Naxxramas
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WoW Classic Launches new version- Naxxramas

Naxxramas is the last raid in Classic WoW filled with dangerous bosses and amazing loot. It took longer than the previous World of Warcraft classic raid, but Naxxramas, the last raid of the expansion, has been completed by the European Alliance guild Progress. The final vanilla raid, Naxxramas, has already gone live in World of Warcraft Classic. It’ll probably result in new impressive achievements by the community, much like one of the older raids being completed in the most complicated way possible.

The previous classic raid matches ended with the last boss being killed in less than an hour, but Kel’thuzad stood for nearly an hour and a half after Naxxramas was released at 4 pm Dec 4 CT. Starting immediately when the raid is available, Progress finally knocked down the boss at 5:23 PM CT, more than 20 minutes earlier than other guilds in the world. Due to the layout of the dungeon, Naxxramas's world number one classic game earlier yesterday was very chaotic. Before unlocking the last two bosses of the raid, the player needs to clear 4 different wings, which provides a lot of room for creation.

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Progress started with four-boss abomination wings, and then simpler spider wings. After that, the team easily eliminated Plague Wings before dealing with the military zone, where there was one of the most powerful bosses, the Four Horsemen. In general, the guild was able to complete the task with only 31 deaths, and there was no boss cleaning, which gave them a huge advantage because they had the cleanest operation in the guild. In Classic, the entire raid was cleared by every top guild within a few hours of it becoming accessible and they’ve all been farming those bosses for loot since, making the typical Classic raider significantly more geared than those from 2005.

In the spring, a group of dedicated players united in the name of the "Killing Blade" guild and started a mission to kill a very special raid boss in the most difficult way imaginable-and successfully did it. Arrived. The boss in question was Hakkar the Soulflayer who was previously undefeatable without killing his high priests in advance. Each of them is responsible for Hakkar's extra abilities, which means that eliminating them basically makes the boss easier to manage. Knowing all this, Killing Blade completely ignored the priest, confronted the boss in his strongest form, and effectively defeated him in about eight minutes.

Following in the tradition of the World of Warcraft's classic foray and update plans, Blizzard has released one last vanilla raid game: Naxxmas. Since its inception, the release of this section marks the last chapter in supporting the base game, and the next addition will be the first major expansion, the Burning Crusade. Obviously, this add-on will not be released in the World of Warcraft classic as outlined earlier, which means that vanilla games will remain intact after Naxxramas is released. Still, returning adventurers have a lot of work to do. The castle of Kel 'Thuzad has a variety of distinctive leaders who must be defeated if the player can take on the Lich King's most powerful vassal.

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