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A Few Tips and Tricks for Archeage Unchained

ArcheAge: Unchained is a somewhat popular MMORPG that is the second installment in the ArcheAge series following the success of the 2014 game ArcheAge. One thing that differed ArcheAge Unchained from ArcheAge was that ArcheAge was free to play and made its money mainly off in-app purchases. o you bought an Archeage Unchained and actually played the game, but couldn't seem to make a lot of money? Relax, you're not the only one!

Getting into a game like ArcheAge Unchained is fun, but like most MMOs, you need to learn the tricks if you really want to make AAU Gold and do them well.

The first thing about this game is that the in-game economy is completely player driven. That means that at some point along the way, you're going to see a crazy inflation event in the market. It also means that making money can be a complex task. But there are many ways to make games rich. Let’s start with a few tips for Archeage Unchained.

1. Going Through the First 30 Levels

For the first 30 levels, you can just run through the story quest (the quest with the big green square), this should give you enough experience to be at an appropriate level for each region you travel through. During the course of these quests, you will get infusions and awakening scrolls to upgrade your starter gear as mentioned above.

Where these side quests are varied between each playable race but the key here is to notice when the tutorial opens up telling you about specific items and actions. When that happens it is usually because a side quest nearby will hand out a reward related to the tutorial tip. For example, when you follow the story quest and come to a location where the tutorial tips you about gliders, you should see an NPC close by that has a quest (or chain of quests) which ends with you getting a glider.

2. Make AAU gold by Gathering Resources

You probably already know this by now, but in Archeage Unchained, there are a lot of trade-able resources with limitless uses. Whether you’re planning to build a house, a mansion, a war ship, or somrthing else, you will need resources – and plenty of them too!

This Archeage Unchained money making method consists of analyzing resources and checking which ones are in high demand in the Auction House. Once you have done that, all you have to do is gather that resource and sell it. This method takes a lot of Labor points, and a lot of time to complete – especially if you don’t have your own farm. You will also need to keep an eye out for your labor points.

3. Don’t vendor your loot drops

The Explorer’s equipment you get as you start the game stays with you until the end, making the loot drops from mobs a less than optimal gear choice. There is still value to be found in this junk so don’t just sell it off to a vendor. If you are short on gold you can sell items on the auction house for a larger profit. Another choice is to pick up some Evenstones from General Merchant and use them to salvage anything you don’t need. Doing so will turn the useless gear into materials that can be used to craft something more useful.

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