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Tips and Tricks for Fishing in Archeage Unchained

For those who haven't caught up on the latest gold trends, it's fishing. This is an important way to get Archeage Unchained gold. At present, one fish (in sports fishing) can earn between 4 and 40 gold per fish. Of course, this number varies depending on where you fish and what you catch. Although it is well known that fish spawn in the ocean, inland fishing is a secret. There are lakes in many areas, which provide specific locations for fishing spots to spawn. All you need is a little sundries and a fishing rod to start fishing on land and in the open ocean. We'll delve into where to fish, how to get a rod, how to get a boat, and how to quickly improve your fishing so that you can use a higher level fishing rod to make the fishing experience easier and more enjoyable.

You probably already know this by now, but in Archeage Unchained, there are a lot of trade-able resources with limitless uses. Whether you’re planning to build a house, a mansion, a warship, or something else, you will need resources – and plenty of them too!

To get AAU gold with fresh water sports fishing, you’ll need a couple of items: fishing rod and chum. Once you get those, just head out to a lake, river or pond and find a fish school. If you have no idea where to look or how to find fish schools in the middle of a huge lake, just watch out for birds. They usually circle the fish schools from above. Then you just need to use chum on it, bringing it to “Fish Feeding Frenzy” status, and get right to it. There is one great thing about Freshwater Sports Fishing. It is a fact that the fish schools are usually located in safe areas, where there is hardly any PvP action. This means you won’t need to be constantly aware of your surroundings. As for the money, each labor will give you about 9 Silver.

When players in chat, or in raid finder refer to [fishing] [x fishing], or [fishing raid] they are referring to a sport fishing raid. These raids gather together to find fishing locations and share the burden of chumming the water. A big plus to a raid is when out at sea, the more people the less likely reds are going to try and steal your fish. Bait fishing is used primarily for catching smaller fish. It is also referred to as AFK fishing because it doesn’t require any effort when catching and collecting the fish. Simply press R when your fishing rod is equipped and place the marker out in the water (it will glow blue when place-able). It only takes about 20 seconds, you either will gain a fish or the line will return. Rinse and Repeat. Bait fish are used to craft Dawn Lake Light Essence, you will need 100 of the same type of fish and 10 blue salt knives.

To equip the lure, right-click on it in your inventory, this will prompt a cogwheel mouse icon, making it possible to equip it to your fishing rod. Also, as a little note, make sure both the fishing rod and the lure are in your bag inventory. From my experience, I have had 0 success trying to equip the lure fishing rod while the fishing rod is equipped to my character.

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