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ArcheAge Unchained Fishing Guide for Beginners

ArcheAge Unchained The unrestricted game guide focuses on how to fish for beginners. MMOSKY will provide you with how to get all the requirements and basic skills of sports fishing. In writing this note, we have provided you with a lot of information from multiple sites. I hope this guide has been helpful.

Basic Fishing

You can do basic fishing with any fishing rod and Bait Worms.
Just find a spot near the water and Shift Right Click on the Fishing icon on your toolbar to continuously fish for as long as you have Bait Worms in your inventory.

You probably already know this by now, but in Archeage Unchained, there are a lot of trade-able resources with limitless uses. Whether you’re planning to build a house, a mansion, a warship, or something else, you will need resources – and plenty of them too!

Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing is where the money is. This requires a bit more work than simply throwing out your R. In addition to a fishing rod, you will need a lure and some chum (two types of chum explained below). A Lure can be crafted at a Handicraft Kiln for 15 iron ingots (45 iron ore). A lure once equipped to the rod lasts for 2 hours, so don’t equip it until you find an active fishing location.

Bait Fishing

Bait fishing is a lot more automated than sport fishing. All you need to do is:
1.Get a fishing rod
2.Some bait worms
3.A body of water
And after you’ve done those things simply equip your rod and start fishing.

Get Bait Worms

To get the bait worms, you can buy them directly near the auction house. Alternatively, you can make them yourself using a class badge item called "worm compost". You can buy 80 class badges, and each badge will bring you about 25 decoy worms. They take three hours to grow, and you can install four of them on an 8 by 8 farm.
Once you have a few hundred Bait worms, you are ready to move on. It's worth noting that you don't actually need to catch these fish. So if you don't want to travel the world, you can buy them at an auction house. But obviously, you'll miss the opportunity to actually do a fishing upgrade.

First task

The first task was to catch two snappers and two perch. These are saltwater fish, which Seachild Wharf's mission givers can catch directly.
To start automatic fishing, simply right-click the fishing button after you have equipped the fishing rod, then click on the water, and wait for the fish to be caught. It may take some time, because these are rare fish, but eventually, they will show up. Don't worry

Next task

The next task was to catch 20 rice fish and rainbow trout. You can catch rice fish in any temperate climate and these can be seen in the lower right corner of each region on the map. Next, these have a quest in the chain is for barracudas and red snappers which are found in tropical climates. For this one, you can simply portal over to Sanddeep (in Nuia) community center and just fish them up right in the Golden Fable Harbor.

The final one

For the final bait, the fishing mission is to catch herring and squid. For these, you need a subarctic climate, so you must travel to Karkasse Ridgelands to do the job.

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