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All fans of The Elder Scrolls Online can look forward to the new DLC Waking Flame and the free Update 31  In August
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All fans of The Elder Scrolls Online can look forward to the new DLC Waking Flame and the free Update 31 In August

The Elder Scrolls Online: Waking Flame and Update 31 have been confirmed to release in tandem and will bring two new DLC dungeons, an in-game mail reply function, and more when they release on August 31st.

The new group challenges and improvements will be released on August 23 for PC / Mac and Stadia and on August 31 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. As usual, the dungeon DLC includes two 4-player players -Dungeons: the Dread Cellar and the Red Blossom Bastion. Both dungeons are available in normal and veteran versions as well as on the highest difficulty level and of course with their own unique rewards (including item sets and collectibles).

Will you be descending into The Dread Cellar or setting things straight in the Red Petal Bastion on August 31st?For more news related toThe Elder Scrolls Online.You can have a gander at our website MMOSKY.COM- the best place to buy ESO gold.

TESO: The horror cellar

The once secret prison for the most dangerous enemies, troublemakers and radicals of the empire, the Schreckenskeller, suddenly emits mysterious magical energies, which leads to an investigation by the battle mages of the Imperial Legion.

In this new dungeon, you must team up with Lucilla Caprenia, a trained battle mage, and her master Martus Tullius to investigate the once-feared prison and uncover the origins of the Daedric cultists and monsters that currently inhabit it.

TESO: The Red Blossom Bastion

Once the noble order of the Knights of the Silver Rose was dedicated to protecting Tamriel from the Daedric threat, but now the warriors of the Red Blossom Bastion have begun to plunder the temples in the area and steal their sacred relics.

At the door of the Red Blossom Bastion, a supporter of Azura seeks your help in retrieving the stolen artifacts from his shrine from the once-revered order and uncovering the terrible mystery behind its inglorious decline into darkness and the subsequent hoarding of Tamrielic relics.

Coming alongside the Waking Flame DLC is Update 31, bringing various quality-of-life and performance improvements for free, including a reply function for in-game mail. There will also be a host of new items, houses, houseguests, and furnishings added to the Crown Store.

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