ESO: Flames of Ambition DLC and Blackwood Chapter

Bethesda finally has an expanded version of The Elder Scrolls: Gateway to Oblivion, which includes a movie trailer and detailed information about the year-long adventure. Much like last year's Dark Heart of Skyrim expansion, Gateway to Oblivion will take players on a new adventure in the much-loved game, with multiple content releases scheduled throughout 2021. In this case, Gateway of Oblivion takes place over 800 years prior to the events of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and takes the quest player to clarify the ambitions and plans of the game's opponent, Dagon.

ESO Creative Director Rich Lambert talks about Gates of Oblivion, Blackwood, and how they're unique from and similar to The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. ZeniMax Online Studios revealed the name of the new chapter (or expansion, if you like): Blackwood in Elder Scrolls Online on June 1 (PC/Mac/Stadia) and June 8 (PlayStation and Xbox consoles). In the new vision, ESO Gold still important for this game.

Blackwood itself will add a region of the same name (between Cyrodiil and Black Marsh), a new trial version, new Delves/Dungeons/Quests and an all-new companion system that allows you to take adventures almost anywhere in a friendly environment (with the exception of PvP zones and modes) that can be upgraded and equipped with better skills and equipment over time. In addition, the new tutorial will allow you to choose exactly where to start when creating a new character.

The first major release comes in the form of the Fire of Ambition DLC pack, which will be released on the console on March 16th, bringing two new PvE challenges to Tamriel - Cauldron and Black Drake Villa. These new Dungeon Quest players will attack Dagon with SH and will see fan-favorite characters like Eveli Sharp-Arrow and Dremora Lyranth join the quest.

Things will kick off in a big way on June 8, when the Blackwood chapter begins. This new chapter will add Blackwood to a new area, with 30 hours of new story content related to the Gates of Oblivion adventure as well as new Slim Gate world events. On top of that, it will also add a new companion system, a new 12-player trial version, new public dungeons, standalone quests, world leaders, and updates and quality of life improvements.

Fire of Ambition will set the stage for Blackwood in June, which will be the main story chapter of the year. Blackwood will "discover the plans of Mehrunes Dagon, Prince of Daedric, 800 years before the events of The Elder Scrolls IV: Ob Quest." In addition to 30 hours of main storyline content, Blackwood has added sideline quests and many quality of life features. This extension will also add companions that travel with the player. ESO: Blackwood will be released on PC on June 1st and on PC on June 8th. The Elder Scrolls Online has a big year ahead, and it all starts this March with Flames of Ambition, and then Blackwood in June. For more news and updates on The Elder Scrolls Online, stay right here on mmosky.