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How to Find Antiquities in the Elder Scrolls Online- Greymoor
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By Martin|December 23, 2020|523 Views,0 Comments

Greymoor is the Elder Scrolls Online’s latest expansion. It takes players into the Dark Heart of Skyrim and sets the stage for a year-long gothic adventure.

Gaming News
ESO Greymoor new Antiquities System
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By Martin|December 21, 2020|948 Views,0 Comments

With the new Antiquities system arriving as part of the Greymoor Chapter, you can travel all over the continent (and beyond!) as a member of the Antiquarian Circle and dig up Tamriel’s hidden history while discovering unique collectibles, treasure, and even powerful Mythic items.

Gaming News
How the new Elder Scrolls Online Antiquities System works
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By Martin|December 9, 2020|520 Views,0 Comments

In this guide, we will give you a detailed rundown of how to level Antiquities in Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor, as well as a brief overview of how the new system works.