How to Find Antiquities in the Elder Scrolls Online- Greymoor

Greymoor is the Elder Scrolls Online’s latest expansion. It takes players into the Dark Heart of Skyrim and sets the stage for a year-long gothic adventure. Western Skyrim has never looked better, and there’s never been more to do in ESO. One of the expansions most intriguing additions is its all-new Antiquities system. This ESO Greymoor Antiquities guide provides an overview of that system, along with everything you need to know to start scouring Tamriel for hidden treasures.

New system, New experience

“With Antiquities, we wanted to create a new activity wholly unlike what you’ve done before, and give you a reason to return to the places you might’ve already explored,” explains Michael Schroeder, one of ZOS’s senior Systems Designers and lead for the new system. “We wanted to celebrate the entirety of Tamriel–every region, every era–and create a whole new way for you to investigate its mysteries.” In order to create this experience, the team wanted to maintain the playability of the new system to ensure that everyone had fun searching for the relics and knowledge that Tamriel had forgotten.

Antiquities would well be described as something enjoyed over a cup of tea. The activities are short, puzzle-based bursts of gameplay. We wanted the system to be accessible to a wide variety of players, so we made sure these activities don’t require lightning-fast reflexes or deep knowledge of combat.” Like crafting writs, Antiquities are designed to be played and enjoyed in quick sessions, although you could spend all day and night collecting leads, scrying, and digging if you so wish!

What are Antiquities in ESO Greymoor?

The Antiquities system is ESO’s version of treasure hunting. With the release of Greymoor, players are now able to find, buy, or earn leads. These leads need to be scryed before they will reveal the possible locations for the buried treasure the player is hunting. By participating in the Antiquities system, you can earn rewards including collectibles (furnishings, mounts, and more) and riches, plus you can even uncover the region’s secret histories and lore. Once that’s completed, the player will receive a group of excavation locations. They may need to visit all of them before finally finding the one location that holds the antiquity. You can earn a wide variety of rewards and riches for completing these hunts.

Okay, so for the players who still haven’t gotten to this part, the new Antiquities System is a sort of a DLC, in which players get to play treasure hunters, looking for hidden and sacred relics and rewards all over Tamriel. Very Indiana Jones, I know. Pretty cool, right?

How does this new System work?

Bethesda didn't waste our time rolling out this new ESO mechanic. In contrast, players in almost every region can find antiquities except Cyrodil, Empire City, and Blackreach. But before you start looking for them, you must visit Antiquarians Circle in The Solitude city of Western Skyrim. Upon arriving, talk to Verita Numida, who will provide the Eye tool for your role in providing Antiquarian, as well as the tutorial tasks that you may perform, to learn the basics of the system.