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ESO Greymoor the best part of Skyrim

Greymoor has been known as part of the "Heaven's Heart of Darkness" activity since then, and it will continue throughout the year. It will be one of the earliest works in the four expansions released in 2020. At some point in the first quarter of this year, Harrowstone DLC will launch two new dungeons. These two dungeons will become the initial version of the gray wilderness expansion. As early as the release of "The Elder Scrolls 5" in 2011, "Skyrim" was first introduced to the world. This new story will take place 900 years before the original story. It is believed that the new expansion will include areas that fans are already familiar with, such as loneliness and Blackreach.

ESO Greymoor

Pick up your eyeliner and the darkest hoodie, because the next chapter of The Elder Scrolls will be Super Goth, Greymoor. We are talking about vampires, monsters, supernatural storms, plus the opportunity to go to all antique road shows-but Gothic-has a new antique system. Greymoor will not release the PC version until May and the console version in June, but we have previewed this new chapter in advance. It is expected that "Grey Wilderness" will add more than 30 hours of new content, although, considering the huge size of the online ancient scrolls, additional activities may make players addicted longer. ESO gold are still useful for new chapters.

As part of the basic ESO game, anyone with the online version of The Elder Scrolls can enter the dark center of Skyrim through the preface to Greymoor, including any player during the free game week! Return, or experienced players, ESO has something for you this April-don't miss it! For more info, earn ESO gold, check out mmosky.com.

Greymoor takes you back to Skyrim this Summer

ZeniMax Online Studios announced that the next online expansion of The Elder Scrolls will be launched "about a week" after the release date set on May 18. This is a fairly small delay. Here is the reason was given by the official that the studio is adapting to work remotely in response to a coronavirus pandemic. It will also add a new "antique" system to provide users with a treasure hunt service, allowing them to obtain unique trophies and decorations worldwide, not just "Skyrim". At the same time, the vampire skill line will also be adjusted to help rebalance.

Similar to the Year of the Dragon in 2019, "The Elder Scrolls" is currently in the dark center of the "Skyrim" storyline. The storyline began in the "HarrowStorm" underground city DLC earlier this year, but Greymoor is the first this year A large launch platform focused on narrative. Despite such a small delay, the Greymoor expansion, including Update 26, will land on the game ’s public test server on April 20. But it will lack an element: French voice actors. Due to the French work blockade, actors cannot provide their lines, so French-speaking actors will need to rely on text and subtitles

The Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor allows players to relive "Western Skyrim", which is part of the most legendary game world ever. When players participated in this year's new online preview of "Elder Scrolls", a feeling of nostalgia surged into the heart, more ESO gold which excited you and made you feel warm and hazy. The studio also promised that 2020 will be an exciting year for the online version of The Elder Scrolls. In the next 12 months, the conversion to Greymoor will have regular updates and content declines. These include a new physical version and the ESO Collector's Edition for PCs and consoles, which will be available when it expands later this year.

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