Fishing Guide – Archeage Unchained

Fishing, as with almost all MMO games, is part of Archeage. However, the fishing in Archeage is divided into basic fishing and sport fishing, and this guide involves the two aspects. This is an important way to get Archeage Unchained gold. However, since the fishing position is one you must know to start your fishing, let’s start at this point.

Where to Do Sport Fishing

Sport fishing is only possible where you find schools of fish. These are indicated by jumping fish and a flock of seagulls in the air above. You are most likely to find them at sea, but they can also be found in specific lakes, which are next to a sport fishing stand. A school of fish is never located next to the shore, which is the reason you need to have a boat.

When you enter a location with a school of fish a large notification pops up on your screen telling you about it. You can also hover your mouse over the water to see the message “School of Fish”. Move your boat so you’re located close to the area where the fish are jumping and the seagulls are circling.

When you are happy about your position, you need to throw your chum or chum bucket into the school to start a feeding frenzy. Once you have a school of fish in a feeding frenzy you should attach your lure to the fishing rod, after which you will be able to sport fish for 2 hours using that rod. You can see if the fish are in a feeding frenzy by hovering your mouse over them.

Fishing Boat

Fishing raids also aid in earning a Fishing Boat (500 Gilda Star item). The Fishing Boat is rewarded for completing the Achievement “Ocean Dominator”. This achievement requires you to collect 100 small, 100 medium, and 100 large (gargantuan) saltwater fish.

If you are in a raid AND in proximity to the players in the raid, the fish they catch will also count toward your achievements. Even though you are not turning them in, if another player successfully caught and picked up their fish, it will count as a catch for you as well.

The fishing boat makes it easier for you to find fishing locations via the radar on the ship. Craft/buy chum and chum buckets via the chum bucket on the boat and allows for multiple storage placements for the fish you catch. The inner box holds 5 standard size fish, and the hooks on the back hold two Gargantuan fish.

While yes, this boat sounds appetizing, you can catch way more before you have to turn it in, it does have one downside. Reds will try to destroy your boat to steal the fish.

Fishing in the Ocean

Fishing in the ocean requires a boat, finding an active spawn (seagulls circling), chumming the water with a chum bucket, and driving the boat back to turn in the fish at a Fish Stand.

The fishing boat is what I would categorize a luxury boat, it requires a lot of expensive crafting. So, in the meantime, you will either have to hitch a ride, use a rowboat (not recommended) or get a Harpoon Clipper.

The Clipper is fairly easy to obtain for the value it brings you. It is purchased for 50 Gilda Stars on Mirage Isle, and requires; Clipper Materials (AKA 100 lumber), a Lumber Pack (100 lumber), an Iron Pack (100 iron), a Fabric pack (100 fabric), plus the labor it takes to create the boat and materials.