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Archeage Unchained Gold Making: Resource Gathering

This guide aims to introduce you to the basic Archeage Unchained Gold Making concepts that will, hopefully, help you learn how to take your moneymaking skills to the next level. Both Labor-Based and Labor-Free methods are featured here to give you a good overview of what is possible - treat these as an inspiration or a benchmark that will help you devise your own methods. If you are not interested in the meta-game aspects of moneymaking, you should still find methods, that will make you some quick and easy Archeage Unchained Gold, here.

Collecting raw resources and selling them on the Auction House can be a great way of making a profit if you know which resources are in high demand at a given point. There are three Gathering Professions that you want to take a look at:

- Gathering - allows you to collect flowers and herbs needed for Alchemy.
- Logging - allows you to chop trees and gather logs needed for Carpentry. Logging is the most effective if you own Land and harvest your own, previously planted, Trees.
- Mining - allows you to mine stone and ore. Stone is needed for Masonry and Ores are used by Metalworkers to smelt ingots.

You probably already know this by now, but in Archeage Unchained, there are a lot of trade-able resources with limitless uses. Whether you’re planning to build a house, a mansion, a warship, or something else, you will need resources – and plenty of them too!

This Archeage Unchained money making method consists of analyzing resources and checking which ones are in high demand in the Auction House. Once you have done that, all you have to do is gather that resource and sell it. This method takes a lot of Labor points, and a lot of time to complete – especially if you don’t have your own farm. You will also need to keep an eye out for your labor points.

The other way of doing this is to set up a Logging operation on your Land. Creating an Orchard has an upfront cost (you will need saplings and lumber to build a farm), but it is worth it as collecting logs out of your Land is much less time consuming than "standard" resource farming. It is also "sure" money - there is no competition for logging trees planted on your Land.

Tip 1: Raw Material prices will fluctuate depending on the current server age, population numbers, and situation. For example, on new servers, Logs and Stones are of great value, because a lot of people are building houses and Galleons. Later on, Alchemy ingredients might rise in value, and so on. Your goal is always the same - spot these fluctuations and take advantage of them as a gatherer.

Tip 2: You can combine gathering professions with crafting professions that are associated with them (Gathering + Alchemy etc.) to maximize your profits by Crafting/Refining stuff using your gathered raw materials. This, however, requires an up-front investment as leveling up crafting professions is not cheap.

Becoming a workhorse of Archeage's economic system can be a good way of making AA Unchained Gold, just be prepared for hours of farming or paying some Gold upfront to set everything up. Gathering raw materials that are currently in high demand can be surprisingly profitable.

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