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Path of Exile: Heist Everything We Learned About the Latest Expansion Pack


Path of Exile: Heist is one of the most ambitious extensions of Grinding Gear Game to date and is expected to provide a whole new set of equipment, mechanics and content for the Game, including a new Heist and a large number of spells, weapons and upgrades. A new area will also be unlocked, the "Rogue Harbor", where players will be able to recruit rogues to help them commit robberies. Once players have completed enough loot, they can unlock the most valuable and exclusive loot of the Grand Heists.

Path of Exile: Heist isn’t far off and for dug in fans there’s plenty on the way in PoE 3.12. Introducing the Heist League, 13 new NPCs, Trinkets, Alternate Quality Gems, Replica Unique Items, Experimented Base Types, New Unique Items, New Spells, New Curses, New Steel Skills, and reworks to each of these game areas. While version 3.12 will introduce some new skills that could eventually become good league starters, most players seem interested in starting the league with something they are familiar with.

The Heist extension involves a new location and a group of thieves who can help you plan and execute robberies, assist you with lock burglaries, transport and untrap traps. These happy hooligans will help you rob artifacts, and The more times you steal them, The closer you get to robbing The Grand Heists by selling them in The Rogue Harbour.Ultimately, you can organize all of your knowledge and assemble the best rogues to infiltrate large organizations for greater returns.

The Heist itself involves robbing a monitored facility and ending up invisible to secure a stack of good stuff. Heist is an ambitious extension, as you can see from the extensive list of content and changes, but the exile Path Heist release date is not far off, so that's all there is to the next extension. The Grand Heists are the ultimate goal of normal robberies. They require more planning and resources, so you need a lot of markup to focus on operations. Grand Heists also need to assign multiple stealers to deal with different wings, manage alert levels and overcome obstacles, including elaborate escape routes.

When players battle monsters in the Path of Exile, they encounter Markers (a new currency) and contracts. A depletion Markers takes a player to Rogue Harbour, where they can sign Rogue rogues into a contract. Each contract will take players to a different facility, where they will work with the hired Rogues to steal the treasure. During the Heist, the player needs to pay attention to the alarm meter on the screen. Do too much commotion and the guard will lock the treasure. Although players can find and loot treasure rooms during a heist, artifacts are the primary target. If the player can put it in the artifact before warning the guard, he can steal it. But as soon as they picked up the artifact, the guards moved in. If the player manages to escape, they keep the loot. But dying means leaving all the hard work behind.