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Grinding Gear Games announced Path of Exile: Delirium

The new Path of Exile league, known as "delirium" be posted on March 13, 2020. Path of Exile is either to ensure that players are fully prepared or to provide them with too much information. We don't know which one. In either case, the Delirium update contains a lot of details, including full patch notes, passive tree information for game updates, and some entry filtering information. This guide will provide a brief analysis of a new alliance and explain some of what you can expect from it.

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Delirium is an expansion about facing inner fears and making some of the legendary battles in the game more difficult. As you would expect, the comments of this patch are quite large, outlining all the updates, including changes in the Delirium Alliance itself, changes in the atlas, changes in the balance of items, changes in the balance of characters, and more. As a bonus, players can add new skills after the game's already ridiculous skill tree. Frankly, there is too much content to summarize here, but in order for players to navigate to the point of interest, at least each independent part is interrelated.

In addition to the patch notes, the announcement also provides a variety of other details, such as project screening information for new projects, item filter information for new items, item filter functionality, and map tiers and downloadable files that provide players a developing community tools with updated passive tree information.

The mirror of delirium is the mechanism of the new league this season. In a different path to exile, players encounter mirrors of insanity. Through interaction with the mirror, players can envelop the nearby area in the fog. The fog makes new monsters and existing monsters more powerful. Fog can increase severity in various situations, smaller bosses like the Al King of Action, and encounters with old expansions like ambush, invasion, destruction and betrayal. The mirror will appear near the starting point of the map and expand outward in the shape of a donut.

Thank you for reading this far. You’re obviously someone who pay close attention to Path of Exile: Delirium, and you’re more informed on the subject than most players. To get more information about POE, please notice the news on MMOSKY.com.

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