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Path of Exile: Heist lets players pull off their own Ocean’s 11-style theft

After some delay, Path of Exile: Heist was released on PC and Mac, but console players had to wait until September 23 to get started. The expansion will allow players to seek the help of highly skilled rogues to help them infiltrate "secure facilities to acquire valuable artifacts". As the expanded title suggests, players must use invisibility while avoiding security, lest they be overwhelmed by guards. After retrieving the artifact, the alert is automatically triggered and the player will have to retreat to the extraction point. If caught, the player loses everything he has stolen from the facility. Path of Exile: Heist will feature a number of new items, such as loot leagues, unique items, a new set of spells, and more. Like the Path of Exile: Heist base game, Heist will be free. It also introduces new NPCs, skills, items, and a new area called Rogue Harbor. A few weeks ago, Grinding Gear Games released a trailer for the extensions.

Aside from the game’s popularity, one of Path of Exiles most interesting selling points is that it’s free-to-play without also being pay-to-win. Many games have implemented free-to-play as a selling point but tend to also provide in-game advantages to players who conduct microtransactions. Black Desert Online is one such title, and while it’s possible to thrive in that game without ever using microtransactions, the road to prosperity is far lengthier and more arduous. Path of Exile seems to pride itself on avoiding this divisive practice, choosing instead to focus on quality and fairness.

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Path Of Exile is a game that keeps innovating. For seven years, Grinding Gear Games has been redefining its main functions periodically on a quarterly basis. The Heist update, released on September 18, is likely to be the biggest since 2017's massive Fall Of Oriath. Operating throughout the new town, players will work with all newly recruited NPC criminals to plan high-risk, high-reward robberies. And they say crime doesn’t pay. “In Heist, players will hire a crew of specialized thieves to assist them with infiltrating secure facilities to retrieve valuable Artifacts. While bypassing security, they must be careful not to trigger the alarm or they’ll be overrun with guards. Retrieving the artifact will automatically trigger the alarm and players will have to make a mad dash to the extraction point. If they can’t escape, they’ll lose everything they stole.”

Heist is practically a whole new game operating in parallel with Path Of Exile’s regular story campaign. Early on, players will unlock access to Rogue Harbour, the lair of scummy people they can really call themselves. During the normal course of the game, players will collect two new types of items, Contracts and Markers. A contract is a document needed to start planning a heist. Markers are a criminal currency that you will use to pay for your accomplices. You can't just bump into a vault, kick down the door, and grab treasure here. You need to hire a professional. MMOSKY will offer you professional and 24/7 service.

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