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Why do some players prefer World of Warcraft Classic

When the original game was released, the game was praised for the interaction between players. World of Warcraft players have to choose whether they want to join the Alliance or the Horde. It's not easy to level up, defeat the dungeon leader and fight the other side, and this quickly builds a strong bond between players. All of Blizzard's expansions to World of Warcraft over the years have diminished the original experience. Warcraft is the latest expansion released for World of Warcraft, and is actually completely different from the original game without the expansion. For many, the charm of this beautiful world is completely lost.

Now that Phase 6 has been released, World of Warcraft: Classic players can experience Naxxramus, the original game's final raid. Naxxramus was possibly the most anticipated drop in all of World of Warcraft: Classic, and it marks the end of the planned content announced by Blizzard when the game was released. While Phase 6 will keep players occupied in the short term as they explore Naxxramus and acquire gear, the developers will have to decide what to do now that there is no announced content left to release.

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Old fashioned fun

Playing with other people is also different. In modern games, you can usually automatically team up with other players who have the same goal, whereas in classic games, you have to do all the tasks yourself. You can only form groups for dungeons, raids, or other activities by asking people in the chat window if they would like to play with you and then inviting those who are interested.

This may sound cumbersome, but the social interaction with other players was one of the features that made the World of Warcraft classic so cool. You have to interact with each other to accomplish many activities, and the resulting interactions are often memorable. This is in contrast to newer games, where usually no one talks to each other and just wants to finish the activity as quickly as possible. People seem to have this “we’re in this together!” mentality and adjust their behavior accordingly. The other day I bumped into a player who asked if we could group up to do some tougher quests, and I ended up having a great time and making a new friend in the process.

Social consequences

In WoW, Blizzard uses a mechanism called phasing, which essentially eliminates the need to play with people on your own servers. This means that when you use the Group Finder to run a dungeon with a random group of people, chances are that none of them are from the server. This gives boorish players more freedom to exploit the most annoying parts of online gaming. Players can steal unwanted loot, hurl verbal abuse, defraud WoW classic gold and even purposefully destroy dungeons with little repercussion But in Classic WoW, you can do all the work with people who are always on the server. This means that you might see the same people searching the world at level 35 as at level 11.

The people on the server will act as your community, just as you see the same colleagues every day in real life. People can build a good or bad reputation on the server based on their behavior. Those who steal unwanted equipment are constantly summoned in the world chat, and if they don't change their ways, they will find themselves blacklisted by the entire server.

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