The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor - Skyrim needs heroes!


ESO: Greymoor -Skyrim needs heroes

The Elder Scrolls Online got a brand new chapter called Greymoor, which opened up new areas, new secrets, and even new professions. Greymoor expanded ESO and start a whole year of adventure experience in the popular MMORPG game of Zenimax online studio. With so much content being added to the game, and The Elder Scrolls Online already contains so much content, you might ask how to start at ESO: Greymoor. Well, this is why we are here, so please look down and start your Skyrim journey.

Descend into the Dark Heart of Skyrim and defend Tamriel against a new supernatural threat. Play the free Greymoor Prologue now and experience the year-long adventure that began in Harrowstorm and continues with the upcoming Greymoor Chapter and beyond. Join Lyris Titanborn in investigating the foul machinations of the Icereach Coven and uncover a deathly plot that threatens to consume the home of the Nords.

How to start Greymoor

When "ESO: Greymoor" is released, there will be multiple ways to start playing through Greymoor content and the new Western Skyrim area. The first one is for new players.After completing the tutorial and being introduced to the world and your alliance, you will be teleported to the Western Skyrim, where you can begin your Greymoor adventure. From there, you can explore new areas, start completing tasks and experience the story.

For existing players, you need to activate the mission to get there. We don’t yet know the name of the mission you’re going to do, but if Greymoor accompanies the route of the online expansion of the previous Elder Scrolls Online, you just need to open your collection, enter the story, and find the mission there.

If you remember the location of the Elder Scrolls, you will know that this part includes Markarth, Rorikstead, Morthal, Dragon Bridge, and of course the capital of Skyrim-Solitude. This city will be the center of renewal, but like other characteristic locations, it will never be exactly the same as you remember, because the story happened 1000 years earlier than Bethesda's 2011 RPG.

In addition, experienced scrolls fans will find some very new places, mainly in Blackreach, a large underground cavern city. Rich Lambert, creative director of ZeniMax Online Studios, gave a detailed briefing to PCGamesN:“ We 're going to go and explore Blackreach in a lot more detail than you got to see and go to places that you've never seen in Skyrim before, in Blackreach.”

He explained: “This is very exciting for us, because we can experience the nostalgia that the players arouse when watching "western Skyrim", and at the same time, it can bring them something new.”Let everyone know how much Blackreach will occupy in this chapter, the director told us: "About 60% of the playable land is "Western Skyrim", and the remaining 40% is in Blackreach. He said that this chapter“Overall it is bigger than Elswell and Somerset.”

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