The Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor the reason you should be excited for the upcoming expansion


ESO Greymoor

The Elder Scrolls Online expanded by Greymoor finally has a clear release date. The game will be available on Mac and PC on May 26, and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 9. Earlier, Greymoor was expected to be released on Mac and PC on May 18, and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 2. But due to the prevalent coronavirus, game director Matt Firor confirmed that DLC must "postpone its release for a week." Firor also pointed out that this new date may change. Greymoor will launch a new antique system in May 2020. The core of the system is the search for cultural relics.

According to Bethesda, the dark heart of Skyrim is beating deep inside Greymoor. Your task is to explore the snow-covered area of the western skyline and face an ancient vampire army as part of a year-long Gothic adventure. However, there are many other surprises waiting for us.

One of the most mysterious areas in Skyrim is the underground city Blackreach. The Grey Wilderness allows you to explore the city of Blackreach, but it is much larger than what we saw in Skyrim. According to a press conference attended by Windows Central, although the city is located underground, it is still a major part of the map in the upcoming expansion. I can‘t remember the last time I explored large underground cities in any game except Skyrim. I hope it will not disappoint the propaganda made by developers at the press conference.


After the official release date of "Greymoor", Zenimax Online published a blog dedicated to the new antique system that will be updated soon. As a member of the antique circle, you will travel through Tamriel, dig out its ancient hidden history, and discover unique collections, treasures, and even powerful mythological items. This new system includes two unique mini-games: crystal divination, you can use a new tool to predict the location of hidden objects: dig, you can dig them out!

Zenimax Online Studio shares five methods, and you can prepare for the online tutorial of The Elder Scrolls of the "Greymoor" to be published on May 26th. ESO antique system has two new mini-games: crystal ball divination and mining. When the two are combined, players can find and retrieve hidden items. The chief designer of the new system, Michael Schroeder, explained that the new mechanism is more based on puzzles than actions, and is best played in a short time. He added that he believes that antiquities can provide something for everyone, regardless of how they play.

If you want to know a little bit about the story of the Greymoor, you can play the free introduction now. It has been available for several weeks. This is only a small part of the battle, but you will know what happens when the expansion of PCs and consoles declines within a few weeks.

Notice:"The Elder Scrolls Online": "Greymoor" will be played on Mac and PC on May 26, and on PS4 and Xbox One on June 9. Check out our other ESO news on