The Main Quest In The Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor


With the latest release of the latest old Scrolls online: Greymoor extension, we expect to get about 30 hours of new main quests. Discover the dark heart of the sky, and at the same time explore the vampire took over. But the truth is, it took me less than two hours. It doesn't do anything. So I spent a lot of time every night after the new version was officially released.

The ESO world is known for its gorgeous graphics and atmosphere, and a system designed to help players return and re-experience the detailed environment the game has done so well is a good move. In addition, if antiquities are best found and collected, even players who don't normally enjoy solving puzzle elements in games can benefit from the collection without spending too much time in the activity.

After the Summerset DLC disappointment, the Elseweyr chapter is an exciting and positive refocus on the compelling knowledge of games and world building. Greymoor will follow Elseweyr and become the first ESO DLC of 2020, and many fans are hoping for a meaningful follow-up. For fans, the antiquarian system seems to be an exciting opportunity to literally delve into this wonderful knowledge. Players can simply wait until the release at Greymoor and see for themselves whether the Antiquities system produces or destroys new content.

In keeping with the theme of the expansion, the release of Greymoor also introduced the first big overhaul to the vampire skill line since launch. It's essentially what we get in place of a new class. This isn't a strictly Greymoor feature, though, as any players with vampirism get the changes regardless of whether they have the expansion or not. Feeding is a lot more fun now, as there's a surprisingly wide range of animations for the moments when you sink your teeth into hapless bandits. But playing a vampire also comes at a higher cost now: skills cost more resources and enemies do a lot more damage to you the more powerful you are, and then a lot of NPCs won't interact with you if you're at the highest stage.

The only way to get rid of it is to wait it out for a few hours or to grab a potion that isn't always easy to find. I’m personally enjoying the changes, but I can see how some previously viable playstyles like vampire tanking aren’t going to cut it going forward. They have already overhauled the Vampire skill line too, however, I am still digging in the dirt for treasure and having a blast. Moreover, the new Elder Scrolls Online Harrowstorms (a fresh take on the Dolmens) are extremely fun to battle, if a little rare to spawn. So far though, it seems Elder Scrolls Online is far from the end of its life and the year of Elder Scrolls Online Skyrim content has only just started. Maybe I will get around to the main quest of Skyrim pretty soon.