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The New Heist League Is A Perfect Time To Jump In

Path of Exile is an action role-playing game of Grinding Gear Games. It's deeper than something like Diablo III, but has the same quirky style of "running around, seeing magic everywhere or tying monsters to their heads with melee weapons." Even better, it's free to play in a generous way. Most of the microtransactions available are pure cosmetics. You can definitely spend some money on the quality of life improvements, such as other storage tabs or inventory slots that automatically categorize loot, but you can do it without spending any money.

Developers release new leagues about four times a year. These are themed to some kind of gameplay gimmick that adds new systems, drops, and gameplay loops. In the past, the league has added activities such as monster collecting, farming and mining. After the end of the league, some of its functions may continue to exist in the next league. Others are gone forever. It creates a very interesting structure for the game, almost feels like a bunch of strange, completely different elements, pinned to the previous content. It doesn't work. Sometimes not; The start of the new league was erratic, at least on the console. Anyway, the new league, Heist, just went live on console a few weeks ago. It’s been out a little longer on PC. The gimmick for Heist is that you can work with a team of thieves to plan and commit a variety of randomized heists, Oceans 11-style. You worm your way through the target location, killing guards before their alert level gets too high, find the prize item, and escape with the loot.

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The Heists behavior was completely different from the normal "Path of Exile" run. This is one time you don't try to clean up the place. Every battle you've fought, every treasure you've cracked, every sound you've made has raised the building's security level. If you maximize the safety rules, start counting down until they permanently seal the Treasury and flood the area with guards, so your goal is to get there relatively quietly. You grab the cargo (and whatever else you can carry) and try to escape. Outside of Hardcore mode, Path Of Exile is usually quite forgiving of death, but not so much here.. If you can safely retrieve stolen goods from the building, you can only keep stolen goods, and there is only so much room in the inventory, so you must carefully select stolen items.

This update has the full dubbing of 13 new characters. Four of them manage the Harbour, but the other nine can recruit, upgrade, equip and lead you on heist missions. The treasury sits behind a complex security system, and you'll need dedicated locking, engineering, dismantling, and so on experts to circumvent these defenses. Plus, hanging out with a new group of voiced characters in the game seems like an interesting excuse, otherwise, they would focus on dabbling in thousands of monsters. Path of Exile is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. And it's great.

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